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Dear parents and teachers,
Your children, your students are learning French. You want to reduce their frustration in doing so and instill fun and enthusiasm into the process.
Discover Savio, the online French programme!

What is Savio?

Developed by a team of French qualified teachers, learning experts and parents, Savio offers a unique method to help French speaking children, aged 7 to 12, to learn the French curriculum whilst having fun.

Instead of teaching through a list of repetitive exercises, Savio invites children to progress on interactive learning paths with beautiful illustrations, steps and challenges.
4,000 pupils from 70 schools around the world are already enjoying Savio (Fall 2022).

Come and join our successful growing community of parents, teachers and children!

Savio makes screentime safe and educational

No advert, no chat, no link, no extra payment nor hidden fees.
Savio guarantees a safe, encouraging learning environment. From your parent’s account, you can follow the time spent on Savio, the activities done and the results.

With engaging and fun activities, Savio helps the children to be active on digital devices.
Plus, they discover France with local cultural references. Their next trip to France cities and regions will be even more comfortable and exciting!

Will Savio work for your child?

Savio is the perfect companion for children who can speak French and read (at least a little) in French.

Savio presents learning paths that meet the requirements set for the primary schools in France.
Each step presents a different topic to enrich the child’s vocabulary. For spelling, grammar and verbs, short animated lessons and adaptative activities are designed to gradually review basics rules to complex concepts.


  • The learning path Découverte is for beginner readers (CE1/ second grade US),
  • The learning path Voyage en France is for intermediate readers (CE2),
  • The learning path Comprendre la planète is for confident readers (CM1)
  • The learning path La francophonie meets the requirements for secondary school in France (CM2-6e)

Easy to use at home.

No need for a parent to speak French: for each step, a short animated lesson is followed by interactive activities with audio recordings explaining what to do. The children can learn independently.

What devices do Savio work on? We think that learning requires a reasonable screen size, so Savio is accessible on tablet and computer for optimal learning conditions.


What do they say about Savio?

« My daughter goes to an American school with a few French classes a week. Savio has helped her learn and improve all her skills…
Incredible progress! Thank you. »

« A perfect tool for teachers and students alike. The latter can follow educational paths that are both fun, in line with the official programs and adapted to their level.  »
C. Ravel, co-founder of French schools FLAM in the UK

Contact the Savio team

If you have any question, comments, or just want to know more. We’re here for you, just send us a message!

Discover for free

The first step of each learning path is free. There’s no time limit, no credit card required, no commitment.

Les écoles et associations qui utilisent déjà Savio

Fédération des écoles FLAM - USA

11 Ecoles FLAM aux Etats-Unis : New-York, Washington, Boston, Houston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Sacramento, San Diego, Austin.

Lycée Français de Dubaï

École Élémentaire RUWAYYAH, Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis

Lycée français de Kuala Lumpur

École élémentaire (Primary school), Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

Parapluie FLAM Royaume-Uni

36 écoles FLAM au Royaume-Uni et près de 1700 élèves

École Montessori d'Insle

Zürich, Suisse

Canadian International School


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